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Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards 2019

Genius Within CIC are an organisation who are passionate about developing talent and achieving success for people with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette Syndrome, and all neurodiverse conditions.

This year sees them host the ‘Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards’ Dinner and Conference at Warwick Racecourse on the 27th and 28th June 2019.

Following the huge rise in profile for neurodiversity over the past decade, this fantastic event is the chance to recognise and celebrate neurodiversity. People are now so much more aware of strengths and talents that neurodiverse people add to our workplace and communities.

There is still time to nominate someone you know for an award; so if you have a work colleague, family member, friend or someone special in your community who deserves to be celebrated then Click Here for categories and information on how to nominate. The deadline for entries is 31st May 2019.

The conference includes talks and workshops from some amazing speakers including:

  • Judy Singer – inventor of the word NEURODIVERSITY – who is coming all the way from Australia!

  • Professor Amanda Kirby - leading author, researcher and activist in Neurodiversity.

  • Paul Stevenson – photographer on the hot BBC 2 show ‘Employable Me’ who has Tourette’s.

Last few remaining tickets left so don’t lose out – book your place today!