Ensuring your disciplinary and grievance procedures follow the ACAS code of practice.

As an employer, sometimes you might need to address an employee’s standard of work, conduct or absence in a more formal way.  Your disciplinary procedure should follow the ACAS code of practise and we are here to help you each step of the way to ensure you follow a fair process.

Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints raised by an employee regarding their working conditions or relationships with colleagues. If an employee raises a grievance we can investigate the grievance and help you to reach the appropriate outcome.

We can:

  • Investigate a performance, conduct or grievance issue 

  • Chair the disciplinary or grievance hearing

  • Provide all documentation including employee letters, investigation reports and meeting minutes 

  • Advise on appeal process

For help with disciplinary and grievance procedures 

call us  on 01273 552862 or email info@harris-hr.co.uk

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