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Harris HR were delighted to attend an afternoon tea event to celebrate the STEP-UP Programme, an internship and training programme for SMEs, hosted by the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex.

The Programme commenced in the autumn of 2020 and ran for a year. During that time Harris HR delivered specialist master classes for participating SME’s covering ‘Internship On-boarding’.

Theresa Pruvost says, "We have loved being involved in this fantastic programme that offered SME’s in the local area fully funded graduate internships."

"Participants said that our master classes provided clear useful advice on all things to cover while on-boarding an intern as well as giving them an opportunity to interact with other likeminded SME Managers.

"At last week’s event we heard about the key successes of the STEP-UP Programme. Students commented on how the Programme had given them valuable insights into what kind of qualities were needed to potentially be hired after university and two interns shared their experience of what the Programme had meant to them and how their internship had led on to permanent employment.

  • theresapruvost

Employment tribunals citing menopause have risen sharply in the past four years and employment law experts are advising employers to support staff through every stage of the menopause to avoid litigation.

Acas have published guidance around managing the effects of the menopause at work their menopause symptoms harder to deal with, for example if:

  • they work long shifts

  • they cannot take regular toilet breaks

  • their job requires restrictive clothing

  • their job does not have much flexibility.

Employers should train all managers, supervisors and team leaders to make sure they understand:

  • how to talk with and encourage staff to raise any menopause concerns

  • how different stages and types of menopause can affect staff

  • what support and workplace changes are available for staff

  • how to deal with menopause issues sensitively and fairly

  • gender identity and gender reassignment discrimination and how talking with staff about this is important

  • how the law relates to the menopause.

Employers should also consider:

  • carrying out health & safety checks

  • developing a menopause policy

  • introducing menopause and wellbeing champions.

Harris HR can help you to support your staff through the menopause. We can help you to make sure support and procedures are in place so staff can continue to do their job effectively. We can help you to develop a Menopause Policy, and support you to manage sickness absence and job performance relating to menopause.

  • theresapruvost

The COVID-19 SSP Rebate Scheme launched by the Government in May 2020 closed at the end of September 2021.

The scheme enabled small and medium businesses to reclaim statutory sick pay (SSP) costs where employees were absent from work due to coronavirus.

From 1 October, all employers will once again be responsible for covering the full cost of SSP.

There is a deadline of 31st December 2021 to file or amend any claims for SSP in respect of coronavirus-related absences prior to the end of September 2021.