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Hiring interally

Ensuring you follow a fair redundancy procedure.

If you face the difficult situation of having to consider making employees redundant, we will provide expert support and advice to ensure that you follow a fair redundancy procedure.

“Thank you for your help with the redundancy process. It was your advice and professionalism that made me feel much more comfortable with the whole thing.”

Company Director, Burgess Hill.  

organisational restructure


We can:

  • Work with you to prepare a redundancy plan

  • Help you to consider the selection pool of employees who might be at risk of redundancy

  • Help you to create a fair selection matrix 

  • Advise on redundancy pay

  • Manage the consultation process

  • Attend consultation meetings

  • Provide appropriate letters to send to employees

As your business grows, you might need to restructure your organisation.  A business often needs to make changes when it reaches a new stage in its life cycle.

We can help you manage the change effectively by providing expert advice on upscaling or downsizing.  We can help you recruit new employees or help with the redeployment of existing staff to avoid redundancy.

You may choose to restructure your business due to:

  • Business growth 

  • Business decline

  • Change in management, e.g. taking on a partner 

  • Moving into new product lines

For help with redundancy or organisational restructure 

call us on 01273 552862 or email

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